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Decentralized property management with BLOK utility tokens.

BlockPark Technologies is developing an advanced property management / community investment platform using blockchain technology that align the interests of owners and tenants by increasing the yield for owners and giving tenants a vested interest in a building they do not own.

The BLOK Token Economy

We intend to grow the BLOK Token Economy across various real estate projects, thereby driving demand for BLOK Tokens and an increase in BLOK Token valuation.

Additionally, we expect to license the BPT Software to other owners or managers of real property to install the BLOK Token Economy in their properties.

By doing so, the real estate owner or manager may automate their accounting processes, increase transparency of their property’s cash flow and potentially increase their rents to asset value ratio.

Benefits of BLOK Tokens with BlockPark

The BPT token economy is created on a ledger that is shared across various real estate projects. The ledger would enable tenants to pay rent seamlessly through a payment gateway that converts their fiat currency into BLOK Tokens.

Trust and Transparency

Decentralization (Bringing blockchain to real estate), Transparency for property owners, Security, Verification of payments, Verification of financials (Rent roll, P&L, Accounting) and Automation (Accounting, reports, taxes, exc.)

A New Revenue Stream

Security tokens may add additional revenue by implementing a medium of exchange within a controlled ecosystem. This revenue can be used to ..

Build & Galvanize Real Communities

Tenant token incentive for paying rent on time should encourages people to move into the building and have greater pride in the community they live in.

A Solution for Multi-asset Blockchain Based Token

An Investment Platform comprised of multiple real estate assets on Blockchain aligning the interests of owners and tenants to build thriving communities

Real Estate Development

Profitability potential of rentals along with multiple real estate developments & assets.

SAAS Software

Property management software will be sold to 3rd party users such as, property owners, managers, developers, and REITS.

High Growth BlokToken

A token economy to incentivize tenants and owners to build stronger communities.

Creating A New Revenue Stream

By using a finite supply of tokens / security instruments within the ecosystem; investors both inside and outside the community can potentially profit with every additional property added to the blockchain.

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Built on Cutting Edge Entreprise Grade Technogies

Built on Hyperledger, an open source framework that provides a suite of stable frameworks, tools and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments.

BLOK Token is powered by ERC-2o Token, which has emerged as the technical standard used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for token implementation.

BlockPark is based out of Los Angeles along with offices in Vancouver, Canada and Seoul South Korea.


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