Ceremony of 123rd Anniversary of Chinese Hospital

Chinese Hospital 123rd anniversary group photo.

Chinese Hospital held its anniversary celebration on Thursday, June 2, 2022, to commemorate 123 years of serving the San Francisco communities. In 1899, Chinese Hospital first opened its doors to provide health care to the underserved Chinese when mainstream hospitals would not. From a little dispensary on Sacramento Street in San Francisco Chinatown to a now nationally recognized hospital along with multiple satellite clinics throughout San Francisco and Daly City, Chinese Hospital is proud to celebrate its 123rd anniversary with an ongoing commitment to improving health in the communities it serves.

“Striving toward a healthier community has been one of our core values from the outset,” said Dr. Jian Zhang, Chinese Hospital CEO. “The past 123 years show that we are no stranger to challenges. For over a century, Chinese Hospital has been on the frontline of countless health emergencies. Yet this global pandemic continues to affect every sector and community we serve. We will continue to uphold our mission — deliver quality health care in a cost-effective way, responsive to the community’s ethnic and cultural uniqueness, providing access to health care and acceptability to all socioeconomic levels.”

Dr. Zhang added, “we would like to express our gratitude to our supporters and donors for their continued support, encouragement, and their strong belief in improving the health and wellbeing of our community. Staff dedication, board members contribution, patient trust, and support from local and state leaders and community members have also been crucial to our success. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the anniversary and embark on a new journey towards greater success.”

The event featured a menu full of the city’s best dishes and drinks, plus entertainment. Additionally, there was a special award ceremony to honor the top donors and supporters of Chinese Hospital.

The award ceremony was officiated by Honorable Willie L. Brown, Jr. The 2022 Top Philanthropist Award was presented to Charles Huang Foundation Chairman, Dr. Charles Huang for his exemplary support and commitment to Chinese Hospital and creating a healthy community for generations to come, and the Outstanding Healthcare Hero Award was presented to UCSF Health Affiliates Network President and UCSF Health Chief Strategy Officer, Ms. Shelby Decosta to recognize her outstanding contributions that make a difference not only to the immediate care of individuals, but also to the wider healthcare sector. In addition, Mr. Arthur Chan, Mr. Keith Tsu, and Mr. Kai Man Lee were recognized with the Outstanding Community Leader Award for their continued and enthusiastic support of Chinese Hospital’s mission and the community.

“Reaching 123 years of service is no small feat for many local businesses and organizations, and what makes it more significant is that we not only manage to survive but also manage to thrive for more than a century,” said Mr. Kitman Chan, Chinese Hospital Board of Trustees Chair.

Mr. Chan further stated, “Chinese Hospital is much more than state-of-the-art medical facility equipped with the latest technology; it is the sum of human effort from many including my fellow board members, our employees, medical staff and supporters, all working toward the same goal of ensuring the best care to keep our community safe and healthy. With your support, as well as our great heritage and innovation, we can continue our work to heal, help, and protect our community for another 123 years.”

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