Chinese Hospital, CCHP and CCHCA Physicians Reunite to Better Serve the Community

October 3, 2022 Chinese Hospital team reunited for a Press conference

In a joint announcement, Chinese Hospital, CCHP and doctors from Chinese Community Health Care Association (CCHCA) pledged to work more closely together for the benefit of the community.

This reaffirms the common mission between the organizations – to reinforce their commitment to the integrated healthcare system to better serve the community in culturally competent and linguistically appropriate ways. The disputes that arose in 2015 between CCHCA and CCHP, a subsidiary of Chinese Hospital, were all resolved.

“We are most pleased to make this announcement on CCHCA’s 40th year anniversary. This reaffirms our ongoing commitment to providing the most needed care for the community. We are strongest together as an integrated system.” said Dr. Jian Zhang, Chinese Hospital CEO. “I would like to thank Dr. Mai-Sie Chan, CCHCA Board President and CCHCA leadership, for their dedication and commitment to finding a way forward.”

For 123 years since Chinese Hospital was founded by the community leaders to provide healthcare for the people in the community, the hospital has inspired numerous health organizations dedicated to serving the people. CCHCA is among the first of those organizations with Chinese Hospital at the center of care.

Dr. Zhang also announced that, “In celebration of CCHCA’s founding in 1982 by community physicians, Chinese Hospital Association will recognize their 40-years of contribution by dedicating a floor in CCHCA’s name, which will also remind all how important it is for the doctors and the hospital to work together for the best interest of our community.”

Dr. Mai-Sie Chan reciprocated, “We are thankful to Chinese Hospital for this great honor. Forty years ago, the community physicians who had supported the Hospital throughout its history, organized into a nonprofit association, CCHCA, to better serve our community and provide culturally competent healthcare.” Dr. Chan added, “We also recognize that Chinese Hospital has been an integral institution in this community for over 100 years. This occasion marks the start of an era of even greater cooperation between independent doctors and the hospital to care for our community.”

“I’m proud to continue to serve the Hospital and our community. It is important that we continue to recruit community-minded physicians who will continue to care for our next generation of patients. This is an auspicious moment, and we look forward to working more closely together to better serve our community.” – Dr. L. Eric Leung, past-President of CCHCA.

Mr. Kitman Chan, Chinese Hospital Association Board Chair concluded by saying, “We couldn’t be more pleased with this cooperative commitment between the hospital and our doctors. Our hospital was founded on the promise of community’s health. The vitality of the two groups working hand-in-hand is the reason we remain the only independent hospital in San Francisco.”Media Contact:

Ms. Jenni Lau
[email protected]