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After a long year of studying and learning, summer vacation stretches out in front of us like a reward for all of our hard work. Before leaving for family vacations and starting summer programs, it is important to focus on some essential summer health tasks.

Check in with your School and Pediatrician

Be proactive about school forms that need a doctor’s signature. Scheduling school form visits early in the summer can prevent stress before school starts in the fall. Talk to your students, search school websites, or email the school office to find out what is required for the new school year. Know the due date and how to get the form in person or downloaded from the school website. Bring the paper form to the doctor’s office for the most efficient outcome.

Traditionally, the following grades have forms to complete:

  • Kindergarten, 1st grade, 9th grade
  • Annually before sports participation

Once your student has learned how to be proactive with their school forms, they will be able to manage their college entry forms on their own.

Ask your school if the student requires TB screening with a TB skin test or a blood test.

TB is tuberculosis, a lung infection that is often screened before school starts. Schedule a visit with your student’s doctor to discuss a TB test early in the summer. TB screening results that are available when a school form or school letter is being signed will save you and your doctor time.

Medication and allergy school forms also need a doctor’s signature.

If your student needs to take any medications on school grounds, a series of school medication forms is needed by your school before medications can be given. Scheduling a school form visit with your doctor early in the summer can streamline this process. Talk with your school to get the correct forms. Bring a list of the correct medications to help you communicate with your doctor. A student and family are the best advocates for the student. Knowledge of medications is crucial to teach your student. Do not assume that the medical office has your exact regimen in their records.

Dropping off Forms at Your Doctor’s Office

Your doctor’s office policy may allow parents to drop off school forms for completion if your student has already had an annual well visit in the calendar year, as it is here at the Gellert Health Services Pediatric Department. Stress and delay are preventable by calling for appointments or dropping off the forms, depending on the office policy, at the beginning of summer.

Schedule an appointment with our pediatrician today by calling 1-628-228-2828.

Gaining an education is one of the most valued life lessons we teach our children. Teaching them to plan ahead is another valued life lesson that prevents stress and saves time in the long run.

Lyra Ng, MD, MPH, IBCLCPediatrician

Disclaimer: No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.