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Children are sensitive to sun exposure due to their smaller frames and thinner skin.

Thinking of sun protection in three ways will help your child understand the need to be sun ready. Shelter, sunscreen and sleep.

  1. Stay inside or under shade between 10 am to 4 pm when the sun is directly above is one important way to protect your child from the sun. Yet, many times staying indoor at that time is not possible. Nor is it easy to find enough shade outdoors to provide enough protection. Keep in mind, sunlight can bounce off the ground and reflect back onto a child.
  2. Using broad spectrum sunscreen on the face, ears and neck along with wearing a hat will protect the head from sun exposure. Applying sunscreen before leaving the house and again every 2 hours will keep the protection in place. Labels to look for include “UVA/UVB” and SFP 30 and above.
  3. Sleep and hydration. What does sleep have to do with sun exposure? A child who has enough sleep will be able to make important decisions such as when to get out of the sun, when to reapply sunscreen and when they have had too much sun so they know to seek help from an adult. They will also remember to drink water throughout the day to remain hydrated. A child who is even slightly dehydrated will make a child more vulnerable to sun exposure and increases the risk of heat related illnesses.

Talk to your child’s pediatrician about strategies to keeping summer sun and heat safe. Also, ask your doctor if your child is due for a well child visit or routine immunizations.

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The summer time is a wonderful time to plan ahead and take care of these important tasks.

Lyra Ng, MD, MPH, IBCLCPediatrician

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