with a long and rich history of serving the local community that dates back to the late 1800’s. The Tung Wah Dispensary was established in 1899 to provide health care services to the underserved Chinese community who faced discrimination and limited access to public services. The dispensary was staffed by both Western trained physicians and Chinese herbalists. In 1923, following the destruction of the 1906 earthquake and fire, fifteen community organizations rallied to form the Chinese Hospital Association, a new non-profit public benefit corporation. Members of the Board of Trustees raised funds to construct a new facility with expanded services.

becoming the first and only institution of its kind in the country. In 1979, Chinese Hospital built a new health care facility to meet new hospital requirements as well as the growing demands for its services. Amidst the emergence of managed care in the 1980s, Chinese Hospital and its medical staff formed a non-profit physicians association, Chinese Community Health Care Association (CCHCA).

for patients who wanted to continue receiving care within the Chinese Hospital Health System. As more and more patients migrated from Chinatown to other neighborhoods, Chinese Hospital recognized the community’s growing need for improved health care access and opened a number of community clinics. Sunset Health Services was the first of these clinics, which improved access to outpatient care in Western San Francisco.

Excelsior Health Services and Daly City Health Services–and also, Support Health Services for tackling chronic disease management. In 2012, the original building at 835 Jackson Street was torn down to begin construction of a new acute care facility, The New Chinese Hospital. Chinese Hospital also opened an integrative Chinese Medicine clinic, East West Health Services to promote the health benefits of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. To further improve access to its outpatient services, Chinese Hospital opened a new outpatient center in Daly City in February of 2016.

The 8-story building met all the latest seismic requirements and provide the highest quality care to patients. To meet the growing demand for healthcare services, a renovation project is planned for Chinese Hospital 1979 building which is next to the newly built patient tower and houses the current lobby and registration. The project includes facility upgrades and renovation to several services area throughout the 1979 building, including lobby, laboratory and kitchen. Following the renovation, we can provide a better environment for patients, visitors and employees.

On March 26, 2018, Chinese Hospital East West Health Services celebrated the grand opening of its brand new clinic located at 445 Grant Ave, San Francisco.