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Registered Nurse - OR

Chinese Hospital

845 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133
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About this role

Department: Operation Room
Report to: Director of Acute Care and Surgical Services
Type: Full Time, 40hrs/week
Requisition #12180

Position Summary

Coordinates operative nursing care for patients, participates in patient/family teaching and provides leadership by working cooperatively with other patient team personnel in maintaining standards for professional nursing practice in the O.R. setting.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Quality of Work
• Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for personal conduct, strives for excellence in patient care.
• Implements nursing process to provide quality care based on assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation.
o Proper patient and family preoperative education.
o Identify patient properly and verify completeness of chart and procedure site.
o Plan, implement and evaluate patient care plan to meet the individualized needs of the patient.
• Always directs and assists in carrying-out safe aseptic techniques and procedures as outlined in the Operating Room Policy and Procedure Manuals; observes and reports contamination and/or breaks in aseptic techniques.
• Performs nursing procedures based on unit standards of care and hospital policies and protocols (medications, IVs, treatments, etc.)
• Exhibit knowledge of current Surgical Services related issues.

Demonstration of proficiency within 6 months of date of hire:
o Demonstrates a complete knowledge of the location, care and operation of all surgical equipment. Demonstrates competence in opening sterile supplies and setting-up procedures.
o Thorough knowledge of principles of asepsis and application.
o Assists with the orientation of nursing personnel to the Surgical Unit.
o Demonstrates an ability to perform all duties required of both a circulating and a scrub nurse in accordance with established procedures, as required:

Circulating Nurse
o Identify needed supplies and equipment to prepare room for patient and procedure.
o Assess and meet the patient’s individual physical, safety and emotional needs.
o Assure completion of the patient’s chart, Operating Room Nurses Record and Surgery Charge Sheet.
o Assure correct sponge, needle and sharps counts and participate in instrument count as needed.
o Accurately records, handles and labels specimens; demonstrates care of specimens, as required.
o Obtain and record medications used during procedure.
o Anticipate and fulfill the requirements of the Scrub Nurse.
o Consistently anticipates needs of surgeon and surgical assistants in preparing and passing instruments, sutures, sponges, and supplies needed in operative procedures.

Scrub Nurse
o Prepare equipment and packs for use in the procedure.
o Scrub gown and glove self and other team members for the procedure.
o Handle instruments and packs correctly and ensure their proper functioning.
o Participate in all required counts.
o Demonstrates competence in cleaning and preparing rooms between procedures and after terminal cleaning.
o Always directs and assists in accounting for all sponges, needles, sharps and instruments during an operative procedure; reports numbers of drains and/or packs used and their location to the circulating nurse.

Judgement and Decision Making
• Demonstrates an ability to independently solve problem in a creature manner.
• Intervenes appropriately in emergency situation.
• Prioritize patient needs effectively.
• Maintains the dignity and confidentiality of the patient.
Evaluates patient response to nursing intervention and communicate responses through legible documentation and report.

Relationship with Others
• Communicates and works effectively with
• Patient/family
• Nursing colleagues
• Multidisciplinary colleagues
• Promotes good public relations for the unit, nursing department and the Hospital.

Planning and Time Utilization
• Supervise and direct patient care and personnel in a single operating room.
• Demonstrates a well-organized approach to all activities.
• Returns promptly from errands, coffee breaks, and meals.

• Participate in evaluation of Operating Room procedures, supplies, and equipment required to provide patient care.
• Report any change in the patient’s condition.
• Recognizes/investigates problems and promptly seeks solution.
• Assist in developing, reviewing and revising all policies and procedures for the Surgical Unit, as required.
• Able to adapt to changes in the hospital management and unit routine.
• Inspects and ensures that all equipment for patient care is in proper working condition.
• Demonstrates a desire to learn and discusses personal goals for continued professional development with the unit coordinator.
• Seeks information for accurate completion of job duties and uses reference materials to ensure accuracy.
• Participates in the Operating Room Quality Improvement Program, as required.
• Regularly assist in preparation and draping of patient and operative areas according to need.

Attendance/Reliability and Other Behavioral Factors
• Accepts reassignment to Recovery Room and other units.
• Verifies information for accuracy on the face sheets, ID band, nameplate, etc.
• Does not abuse or take advantage of sick time or personal days off.
• Provides proper notification for absence or tardiness.
• Willingness to participate in call schedule and work irregular hours as necessary.
• Reports off before leaving the unit.
• Appears well groomed and observes the hospital dress code.
• Follows Hospital and Department policies and procedures at all times, including but not limited to: Administrative Manual, Environment of Care, Human Resources, Infection Control, Corporate Compliance, Code of Ethics, etc.
• Attend, actively participate and complete in-services, training classes, mandatory classes, seminars/workshops, staff meetings, exercises and drills; reads all department communication and assigned materials.
• Customer Service – Provides excellent customer service and shows compassion to all patients, visitors and co-workers. Seeks feedback to ensure all needs are met. Anticipates and recognizes the concerns of others, even if those concerns are not openly expressed.
• Communication – Keeps manager and team informed of progress, problems, development and plans. Gets along and interacts positively with co-workers and others.
• Accepts and performs other duties as assigned.


  • Currently licensed in the State of California to practice as a Registered Nurse.
  • One year previous experience in Operating Room preferred.
  • Valid AHA BLS and ACLS certification.
  • Demonstrates ability to work effectively with others.
  • Maintain current state licensure, keeps inform of current developments in nursing.
  • Fluent in English and Chinese (Cantonese and/or Mandarin), preferred
  • Knowledge of community resources and cultural needs.

Hospital Work Schedule

The work schedules of the Hospital use an 8/80 basis for computing overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and California Wage Order 5.  Employees working in accordance with a 14 consecutive day work period in lieu of a workweek of seven consecutive days must be paid one and one-half times their regular rate of pay for hours worked in excess of eight in a workday and 80 in the 14-day period. Double time is required after 12 in a workday (Labor Code § 510).

Physical Requirements

While performing the duties of this job, staff is regularly required to sit, stand, walk, talk and/or listen. He/she uses his/her hands to do computer work, write reports, do equipment set-up/cleaning/storage, clerical support, etc. He/she will be using the phone frequently. Good vision is needed to be able to read schedules, enter accurate data, etc. He/she must have good general health and demonstrate emotional stability so as to carry out the above-enumerated duties.

  • Able to lift up to 30 pounds
  • Use proper body mechanics when handling equipment
  • Standing, walking and moving 50% of the day

Compliance Requirements

Complies with Chinese Hospital Compliance Handbook including Code of Ethics and all statutes, regulations, guidelines applicable to federal and state programs. Responsibilities include, following the guidelines and reporting suspected violations of any statute, regulations, agreements or guidelines applicable to all healthcare programs.


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