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Speech-Language Therapist

Chinese Hospital | San Francisco Bay Area

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We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to join our team. As an essential member of our healthcare staff, you will play a crucial role in providing high-quality speech and language therapy services to our patients. Your expertise will contribute to enhancing the communication, swallowing, and cognitive abilities of individuals within our facility.

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of residents’ speech, language, voice, fluency, and swallowing disorders to determine appropriate treatment plans.
  • Develop individualized therapy plans that address residents’ specific needs and goals, in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team.
  • Implement evidence-based therapy techniques and interventions to improve residents’ speech and language skills, oral motor abilities, and overall communication effectiveness.
  • Provide guidance and support to residents and their families on communication strategies, exercises, and techniques to optimize their functional communication abilities.
  • Administer and interpret diagnostic tests, such as articulation assessments, language assessments, and swallowing evaluations.
  • Document all evaluations, treatment plans, progress notes, and outcomes accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals, including physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and social workers, to ensure holistic care for residents.
  • Participate in interdisciplinary team meetings to discuss residents’ progress, adjust treatment plans, and provide valuable insights on speech and language-related issues.
  • Stay updated with the latest research, trends, and advancements in speech-language pathology to continuously enhance the quality of care provided.
  • Maintain compliance with relevant regulations, standards, and ethical guidelines in speech-language pathology practice.
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to speech therapy assistants and support staff, when applicable.


  • Valid CA licensure or certification as a Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is preferred.
  • Prior experience in a skilled nursing facility or geriatric setting is advantageous.
  • Strong knowledge of speech and language disorders, dysphagia, cognitive-communication disorders, and related therapeutic interventions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with residents, families, and the interdisciplinary team.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a dynamic healthcare environment.
  • Proficient in using speech therapy assessment tools, electronic medical record systems, and relevant software applications.
  • Compassionate, patient-centered, and dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients.

While performing the duties of this job, staff is regularly required to sit, stand, walk, talk, and/or listen. He/she uses his/her hands to do computer work, write reports, do equipment set-up/cleaning/storage, clerical support, etc. He/she will be using the phone frequently. Good vision is needed to be able to read schedules, enter accurate data, etc. He/she must have good general health and demonstrate emotional stability so as to carry out the above-enumerated duties.

  • Able to lift up to 30 pounds.
  • Stand, walk, and move 50% of the day.
  • Use proper body mechanics when handling equipment.

Complies with Chinese Hospital Compliance Handbook including Code of Ethics and all statutes, regulations, guidelines applicable to federal and state programs. Responsibilities include, following the guidelines and reporting suspected violations of any statute, regulations, agreements or guidelines applicable to all healthcare programs.

I have read and understand the duties, responsibilities, and expectations pertaining to the position. I understand that this job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed. It is not intended to serve as an exhaustive list of all duties, skills and responsibilities required. I have been allowed to clarify and ask questions about this job description.

Starting at $40.00 – $70.00 per hour. The salary of the finalist selected for this role will be set based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, internal equity, experience, education, specialty and training. This pay scale is not a promise of a particular wage.

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