Pharmacy Technician

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Thursday, July 1, 2021
Chinese Hospital
845 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
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Chinese Hospital is a mandatory vaccination employer for COVID-19 and its variants.   The Hospital requires that its employees be fully vaccinated as of their start date.  If you require a medical or religious accommodation we will engage in the interactive process with you.  Proof of vaccination will be required prior to start.  If we make you an offer and you are not yet vaccinated, we will accommodate a delay in start date.  The Hospital may also mandate that its employees receive vaccine boosters, and all accommodation laws will be followed


  1. Qualification

All non-pharmacist personnel shall work under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist in all activities involved in the preparation and dispensing of medication, including the maintenance of appropriate records.

  1. Be knowledgeable of:
    1. Brand and generic names of medications.
    2. Technical terms dealing with chemicals, medical terminology, and pharmacy terminology.
    3. Computer entry skills.
  2. Graduated from a Pharmacy Technician Program or has obtained a minimum of one year of hospital pharmacy experience.
  3. Possession of a valid Technician Certificate issued by the California State Board of Pharmacy.
  4. Complies with the CHA Compliance Handbook including Code of Ethics and all statutes, regulations, and guidelines applicable to federal and state program. Responsibilities include following the guidelines and reporting suspected violations of any statutes, regulations, agreements, or guidelines applicable to all healthcare programs.
  5. In addition to all qualifications listed above, pharmacy technicians who cross cover for inpatient pharmacy should be knowledgeable of:
    1. Preparing intravenous solutions and their additives, total nutritional products and hyperalimentation, and chemotherapeutic agents (training and competencies required).


       B. Preparation of drug orders

  1. Outpatient pharmacy technicians:
    1. Process patient medication charges, including Medi-Cal and Outpatient charge.
    2. Filing prescriptions and patient profiles, and maintaining other    pharmacy records.
    3. Assist the pharmacist in processing all drug orders.
    4. Assist the pharmacist in maintaining current records.
    5. Coverage of clerical duties, as needed.
    6. Process patient medication returns and credits.
  2. Inpatient pharmacy technicians:
    1. Assist pharmacists in processing all drug orders including
      1. Prepare patient cassettes.
      2. Replenish Automatic Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) – daily scheduled replenishment during pm shift and replenishment as needed
      3. Retrieve return medication(s) from External Return Bin (ERB)
      4. Prepare IV solutions with additives, TPN, chemotherapy (training and competencies required).
      5. Collect laboratory data for medication therapy assessments by pharmacists.
      6. Prepare pre-operative medications for same day surgery
      7. Replenish medication trays from operation room.
    2. Maintain cleanliness of IV preparation area.
    3. Maintain temperature logs of refrigerators and freezers.
    4. Maintain inventory supplies including syringes, needles, Eqaushield, etc.
    5. Order vaccines and other medical supplies for clinics.
    6. Process patient medication returns and credits for outpatient medical therapy center (OMTC).
  3.       Assist the pharmacist in transcribing drug orders and maintain              current records.
  4.       Interview patient for medication reconciliation.
  5.       Process patient medication returns and credits.
  6.       Delivery to nursing units.

        C.   Procurement and material management

  1. Ordering, maintaining, and controlling stock levels of drugs, parenteral solutions, forms, supplies, etc.
  2. Receive and verify shipments.
  3. Place items received in stock inventory.
  4. Maintain and update price listings.
  5. Check out-dates and return to manufacturer for credits.

        D. Quality Control

  1. Assist in monitoring all aspects of quality control of the department and make necessary, appropriate entries.
  2. Maintain area, equipment, and facilities etc.

        E. Education

  1. Assist to teach all health professionals the requirements of different types of prescriptions and the appropriate form for filling.
  2. Participate in pharmacy orientation programs, training programs for pharmacy supportive personnel, pharmacy staff meetings, and in-service education programs.
  3. Attends and participates in other programs, committees, meetings, and functions required by the hospital or the pharmacy.


Bay Area
San Francisco
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1 year
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Bachelor's Degrees