Letter from Andra Cheung

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Dear Dr. Zhang,

When I was asked who I was representing in making the donation of 2,500 masks, frankly speaking, I did not know how to answer.

A few days ago, I initiated a discussion in a social group in WeChat, and within 36 hours, group members, all of them Chinese Americans living in different parts of the country, kindly showed their generosity. So if you need an organization name, please call us the US Chinese American Society.

Our 2,500 masks might sound like a big number, but it is nothing compared to the tens of thousands of masks fellow Chinese Americans donated in the last few days. And there are many more masks and medical supply donations on the way. I have seen fellow Chinese Americans from every corner of this country organizing mask donations in various ways: we raise funds within our social group (mostly WeChat), we set up booths in neighborhood markets to collect masks, I even saw people driving around the Bay Area to people’s home to collect masks. Every day there are posts in social media of my friends delivering boxes of medical supplies (masks, goggles, sanitizer, etc.) to local hospitals, senior centers, post offices, police stations, etc.

We represent hundreds of Chinese Americans to express our heartfelt thank you to all of the nurses, doctors, medical teams, and first responders for their selfless commitment to keeping our community safe. You protect our community, and we support you!


Andra Cheung

P.S. BTW, I also asked all my friends to call in your radio program on Tuesday to donate, I myself donated too (Felicia happened to pick up my call:) P.S. I am previous Miss Chinatown USA queen and was invited to visit Chinese Hospital long time ago. I still remember I was so touched by the mission and the work of Chinese Hospital that I was thinking of donating part of my prize at the spot:) I was too shy back then and did nothing. It’s great to be able to finally help this time.

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