UCSF Health, Chinese Hospital Sign Collaboration Agreement

A female nurse is doing a demo in a patient room surrounded by her colleagues.

UCSF Health and Chinese Hospital have signed an agreement to collaborate on neurology and stroke services that meets the needs of the Asian and Chinese communities.

UCSF Medical Center is ranked #1 in the United States for neurology and neurosurgery, according to the 2021-22 Best Hospitals survey by U.S. News & World Report. The collaboration aims to improve neurology and stroke care, and establish a primary stroke center at Chinese Hospital.

”UCSF is delighted to partner with health systems serving our diverse San Francisco community, with the goal of offering enhanced care close to home,” said Shelby Decosta, President of UCSF Health Affiliates Network and Chief Strategy Officer. “We are proud to collaborate with Chinese Hospital, which has a longstanding reputation for providing culturally sensitive, quality health care to patients across all socioeconomic levels.”

As part of the agreement, UCSF Neurology will provide teleneurology services, where a UCSF neurologist is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to provide video consultation on stroke and other neurology cases at Chinese Hospital. UCSF will also support Chinese Hospital’s effort to build a certified stroke center to provide high quality care for stroke patients.

“UCSF neurologists will be supporting Chinese Hospital in a way that allows them to treat stroke patients quickly and efficiently,” said Anthony S. Kim, MD, Medical Director of the UCSF Comprehensive Stroke Center. “For these patients, this will lead to better care and outcomes because every second counts when treating stroke.” Additionally, patients at Chinese Hospital will have access to inpatient teleneurology consultations for any neurological problem beyond stroke, he said.

“This partnership is working to address a public health problem in the Asian American community, for whom stroke is among the leading causes of death,” said Dr. Jian Zhang, Chinese Hospital CEO. “In particular, our patient population is considered at high-risk of developing this condition and will surely benefit from this program. We are pleased to partner with UCSF who shares our vision for health equity and enhances our ability to provide this important service to the community.”

Neurology is one of the many programs that UCSF and Chinese Hospital have recently partnered on. In the past year, the two institutions entered into agreements to collaborate on other service areas, including ophthalmology and palliative care, and continue to explore other opportunities of mutual interest.About UCSF

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