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June , 2022

Dr. Charles Huang, Chairman of a multi-billion-dollar private equity company in Southern California, donated $7 million to San Francisco’s Chinese Hospital through the Charles Huang Foundation (CHF) which he founded in 2020. The donation reflects the foundation’s vision to bolster, enable, and inspire global development in education, health, and innovation.

This transformative gift marks a recognition of both Chinese Hospital’s successful efforts to control COVID-19 pandemic locally and that of Dr. Huang’s own extensive contribution to the global fight through his companies Innova Medical Group, Inc., Biological Laboratory, Inc, and others

Dr. Charles Huang spoke about this considerable gift. He said, “I am very pleased with this opportunity to support the Chinese Hospital of San Francisco in California through my donation. This institution has an excellent tradition of caring for the people in the local community, especially those in the less privileged backgrounds.  I chose the Chinese Hospital of San Francisco as the first recipient of my major charity donations in the country as my gift will enable it to provide even better access to quality healthcare for those in need the most.

The donation will fund the redevelopment of the six-story outpatient tower. The refurbishment will touch every square foot of the building. The project to rebuild the entire infrastructure, including the electrical backbone has already begun.

Many new services and programs will be added. Foremost among which are adding to subacute care bed units and mental/behavioral health programs. Subacute care bed shortage is a chronic issue in San Francisco and the increase will have a direct positive impact on the hospital’s patients, community, and San Francisco at large. Mental health is another rising public health issue in the U.S. To address the matter and fulfill needs, Chinese Hospital will develop mental/behavioral health programs. Other areas include surgical/endoscopy/same-day surgery suites expansion, nutrition services modernization, and laboratory and registration/lobby improvements.

The redevelopment will allow the hospital to offer more programs and services, improve patient privacy, and create a better environment for patients and community. It will also enhance the emergency response capability of COVID teams. This will enable hospital to better handle other public crises in the future, including increased testing capacity through major technological lab expansions.

Dr. Jian Zhang, CEO of Chinese Hospital said, “With this incredibly generous gift, Chinese Hospital is able to renovate the outpatient tower to create and expand much-needed services/programs to our community and San Francisco at large.”  Dr. Zhang continued, “Chinese Hospital continues our vital work of providing quality care to our patients as well as fighting against public crises for many years to come. We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Huang for strengthening our ability to continually innovate and safeguard the community.

Mr. Kitman Chan, Chinese Hospital’s Board of Trustees’ Chair, added, “Dr. Charles Huang’s generous donation will help Chinese Hospital continue its mission to care for the community in a cost-effective way. It is important for us to continue our programs to support the community during this difficult time and in the future. We continue to be “The People’s Hospital” and we are committed to serving our community.

The occasion was marked with a check-writing ceremony that included Dr. Charles Huang, Chinese Hospital’s Board of Trustees and its senior management.

About Dr. Charles Huang and Charles Huang Foundation

Dr. Huang is the founder and chairman of Pasaca Capital Inc., a California-based multi-billion-dollar evergreen fund with various global portfolio companies in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, TMT, industrials & automation, and entertainment (Innova Medical Group, Canton Technology, ATL, Meepo Inc, Sweegen Inc., KraftPal).  Prior to forming Pasaca Capital, Dr. Huang had an exceptional career in investment banking and the automotive sector. His accomplishments include:


  • Worked in various global investment banks as top stock analyst, partner, executive director
  • Successfully led and participated in over 26 IPOs in Hong Kong
  • Served key leadership roles in cross-industrial businesses, such as Brilliance Automotive Group and Hybrid Kinetic Group
  • D. in Marketing and MBA from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland; Bachelor’s in Economics from Wuhan University, China.


As he climbed the ladder of success, Dr. Huang founded the Charles Huang Foundation in 2020, looking for meaningful ways to give back to society and help others. Through the Charles Huang Foundation, his personal guiding principles of humanitarianism, global visions, and strong local economies align well with value-based giving and investing to create the positive future for which we all strive.

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